Keeping Motivation

Practicing yoga on a regular basis takes time and effort and sometimes, it’s easy to fall into the “I’m too busy/tired to make it today” routine. We can always find a reason not to go when we  don’t want to. The worst part for me is that I know if I simply go to class, … Continue reading

The Benefits

Yoga has many benefits. It tones and strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and balance, and reduces stress. After only a few weeks of yoga, I felt a big difference in my life and I noticed I felt a lot better. I also noticed how much worse I felt whenever I took a few weeks off. But … Continue reading

Part II: What is Yoga?

The yoga studio was warm and welcoming. Soft light filled the open studio; gentle thumping came from an older man playing a set of drums in the corner. The room was full of people sitting at the end of their yoga mats, ready for what in my mind was mediation and mild core work. There … Continue reading