Everyone has their own reasons to stay motivated when it comes to fitness, and I always find hearing from other people both motivating and inspiring because if they can do it, whether it’s taking their first yoga class at 35 (Inspiration) or making time in a busy schedule to fit in five fitness classes each … Continue reading


Finding the motivation is keep working out or to have a regular yoga practice is sometimes the hardest part of working out or practicing yoga, but motivation is also one of the biggest factors in achieving the results that we want. Sometimes finding out what motivates others along with hearing their story can give us … Continue reading

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Finding the time and energy to work out on a regular basis can be hard. It’s not always easy making time for the gym or a yoga class, and it’s difficult to stay motivated on those days you just don’t feel like heading to the gym or unrolling your yoga mat. One way to keep … Continue reading

Keep Going!

After the initial motivation of New Year’s resolutions and the start of a new year have passed, finding the motivation to keep going to the gym a few months into the New Year can be difficult. The last thing anyone feels like doing is getting up early to go for a run on a cold … Continue reading

Yoga for Fun

In a previous blog, I mentioned that one of the ways to help get (and stay) motivated was to make yoga fun, but what is fun? What might be fun for one person might not be fun for another and even the word ‘fun’ is a little vague so I decided to do a little … Continue reading

Gentle Yoga

Whenever I suggest yoga to family, I always get the same type of replies. “I’m too old for that,” my mom told me, (even though many people often think she is only in her thirties.) “Can you really seeing me doing that?” my dad, who has suffered from stiffness and soreness for years, asked as … Continue reading

Keeping Motivation

Practicing yoga on a regular basis takes time and effort and sometimes, it’s easy to fall into the “I’m too busy/tired to make it today” routine. We can always find a reason not to go when we  don’t want to. The worst part for me is that I know if I simply go to class, … Continue reading

Finding (Affordable) Yoga

Yoga can be an expensive practice, and prices for classes can seem a bit high, especially if you are on a tight budget. But don’t let cost keep you away. The benefits of yoga are countless and cost should not stand in the way of a regular yoga practice. Look for Community Yoga classes – … Continue reading

The Benefits

Yoga has many benefits. It tones and strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and balance, and reduces stress. After only a few weeks of yoga, I felt a big difference in my life and I noticed I felt a lot better. I also noticed how much worse I felt whenever I took a few weeks off. But … Continue reading