This blog was originally created as an assignment for a class I was taking, and then a few months later, I used it as part of a project for another class. Over time, it has evolved into my personal yoga/fitness/motivational blog (although still a work in progress), but I never updated the ‘About’ page as it changed from project to blog. So as a post, and an update to my ‘About’ page, this is why I practice yoga.

I have practiced yoga on and off for about four years, and even though I sometimes let life get in the way and put off practicing for a few weeks or sometimes a few months, I always find myself back on the mat realizing how much I love yoga. I’ve never left a class thinking ‘Wow, I feel awful, I’m never going back,’ and I have yet to leave a class feeling worse than I did before I came.

There’s no guarantees in life and changes happen, usually when we least expect them. A yoga teacher I once had said that life is full of change, and you can do one of three things: resist the change and fight to keep things the same, grieve the loss of what was and wish you could keep it the same, or accept the change, learn from it, and move forward. It’s these moments of awareness that give me the calm I need in my own life and keep bringing me back to my mat. I leave every class with a feeling of being grounded and able to handle whatever may come.

I’m not a yoga expert, and I can’t even say I’ve practiced regularly for years, but I know how much better I feel when I do practice, and I know that yoga has helped through me difficult times and has always brought a sense of balance into my life. It’s also been my favorite work out and the one that has given the results I wanted.

So this blog is both an effort to offer motivation, inspiration and information to anyone who is interested in yoga, health and/or fitness and to encourage anyone who hasn’t tried yoga yet to find a class and just go. It is worth it, and it will be one of the best decisions you will make.


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