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Finding the time and energy to work out on a regular basis can be hard. It’s not always easy making time for the gym or a yoga class, and it’s difficult to stay motivated on those days you just don’t feel like heading to the gym or unrolling your yoga mat. One way to keep yourself motivated is to make working out fun; it’s harder to skip something you enjoy doing. While that might sound like a challenge, finding ways to make working out fun can help keep you on track.

1)     Bring a friend – My friend and I both loved the Saturday morning yoga class at the gym we both used so we decided that we’d go together every weekend. Not only did we keep each other motivated to get up early and make it to class, we had a chance to catch with each other on the ride to the gym.

2)     Find what works for you – If treadmills and ellipticals make you dread the week, try a team sport, such as volley ball, basketball or kickball. If you hate running, consider swimming or kickboxing. Finding the right work out for you is a big part of helping to make it more enjoyable.

3)     Try something new – It’s easy and safe to stick to the same few classes you like at the gym or yoga studio, and while having a favorite class or favorite teacher is a good thing, make it a point to try a new class or new teacher every few weeks. You never know – you might find a new favorite class.

4)     Mix it up – Add variety to your workout/class routine. Doing one thing all week every week can get boring quickly, but including a variety of activities (cardio, swimming, running, weight lifting) and/or classes can help keep your work outs fun.

5)     Try something new outside of your gym/yoga studio – Check for community events such as 5K/10K runs; check out events and workshops at other local yoga studios; sign up for a diving class or swimming lessons. Join a kayak or rowing club. It will give you a chance to learn something new while you keep working toward your fitness goals.

Photo from Flickr: creativedc. Creative Commons. 7 Feb 2010. Webpage. 2 March 2013. <>

3 Responses to “Make It Fun”
  1. 1annecasey says:

    Great advice!

  2. bcomardelle says:

    such a calming view!

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