Yoga for Fun

In a previous blog, I mentioned that one of the ways to help get (and stay) motivated was to make yoga fun, but what is fun? What might be fun for one person might not be fun for another and even the word ‘fun’ is a little vague so I decided to do a little research and see what types of ‘fun’ yoga classes are out there.

As it turns out there, there’s a class for everyone and these classes definitely sound fun! The descriptions are straight from the studios’ websites and links to their websites are provided if you want further information on the studio’s class descriptions/schedules. If studios in your area don’t offer a class you might be interested in, you can always suggest it.

First Friday – Ales & Oms (Charleston, South Carolina): Nothing brings together people and makes them feel good like Yoga, Good Food, and Beer! Join us for a fun, upbeat one-hour yoga class before enjoying some great craft brews from a local Charleston brewery. No previous yoga experience necessary! Light Appetizers provided. (

Sweat & Soul (Salt Lake City, Utah): Power class done by candlelight focusing on movement while flowing to a soulful and powerful music playlist. You will leave feeling sweaty, rejuvenated and blissed out, ready for bed. (

Sunset Beach Yoga (Delray Beach, Florida): Join us every Sunday night for Yoga on the Beach w/custom “yoga planks” for the sand! 90 min. Vinyasa flow or 90 min. Vinyasa-Yin  flow (Yin yoga is a nurturing practice which combines conscious deep breathing and holding of postures that stretch, open, lengthen and liberate physical, mental and emotional tension. It is a very healing and trans-formative practice.) (

Sutra’s Rooftop Yoga: Join the Midtown Mafia atop the Clarendon Hotel (Phoenix, Arizona): Enhance your Sutra practice with fingertips in the clouds! Lively, breath-synchronized movements are enhanced by the sensory delights and picturesque views of the Phoenix skyline. Feel energized and alive under vast blue skies while the whisper of the breeze, the kiss of the sun, and the buzz of the city add boundless freedom to our one-of-a-kind class. (

Bollywood (Charleston, South Carolina): The last Thursday of every month, this Hour Flow Downtown at 7:30 p.m. features Bollywood inspired music and movement. Costumes and glitter are welcome and encouraged! (

Gentle Hatha (Austin, Texas): Combines breath, stretching, relaxing yoga postures, and Buddhist meditation. Accompanying music ranges from Balinese flute and Tibetan singing bowls to Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. Appropriate for all levels. (

Satsang (Seattle, Washington): Satsang means a gathering of people seeking “sat”, truth. Join Natasha for meditation, chanting, and lots of bhakti (devotion). (

Vinyasa Playground (Denver/Golden, Colorado): This challenging and creatively sequenced class is set to be upbeat with fun music, and the teacher is part of the “Kula”, or community. Come play with us! (


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