Finding (Affordable) Yoga

Yoga can be an expensive practice, and prices for classes can seem a bit high, especially if you are on a tight budget. But don’t let cost keep you away. The benefits of yoga are countless and cost should not stand in the way of a regular yoga practice.

  • Look for Community Yoga classes – Some studios offer a free community class once a week.
  • Ask about discounts – I’ve see all kinds of great discounts offered at various studios. The Yoga House of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina offers a 15% discount for students, teachers, military, hospitality industry, salon/spa employees, and medical professionals ( while Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City, Utah, has special pricing for public school teachers and single parents (
  • Check for Beginner/New Student packages – Many studios offer specials for beginners or those new to the studio.
  • Check group fitness/class schedules at nearby gyms and YMCAs for yoga classes – Often gym and YMCA memberships include unlimited classes so you can take as many yoga classes as you like for one monthly fee.
  • Ask about your benefits at work – My company offers a discounted gym membership with local gyms for its employees, and I was able to get a gym membership, which included unlimited classes at the gym’s yoga studio, for only $39 a month.
  • Try a Purpose Class/Donation-Based class – You choose how much you want to donate for the class, but the best part: all proceeds from the class go to the purpose/charity. Suggested donations vary by studio but usually range anywhere from $5-$10 (
  • Sign up for Groupon/Living Social deals in your city and watch your email – Not only do you get to try classes at a discounted rate, this is a great way to find a new studio or try new classes.
  • Buy in bulk – Check for package deals or ask about specials on unlimited classes. A single drop-in class at Go Yoga on Amelia Island in Florida costs $10, but 30-day unlimited pass is only $60 so if you go 10 times a month, each class would only be $6 (or even better, if you go 15 times, each class would be only $4) (
2 Responses to “Finding (Affordable) Yoga”
  1. wartica says:

    I agree because it’s hard to find a school that is somewhat affordable; the ones near me are not that bad with the price, but there is one that is twenty-five a class:(

    • I know – I’m lucky the studio near me is reasonable, but there’s another studio nearby that is double what I pay, and I think it’s sad that the prices have to be so high.

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