Part I: What is Yoga?

Yoga saved me. It came to me when I was in a very dark place in my life, when after a devastating breakup, I felt nothing except a deep, overwhelming sense of loss. In an attempt to get through the days, I started searching for things to do to keep me busy.

I signed up for a month of Pilates classes. The instructor might have been a drill sergeant in her past life, and her favorite number was 30. “Give me 30 reps with both legs,” she’d say and lying on my back on a Pilates Reformer bed, I would push again the foot board, slowly sliding the bed back. My thighs burning, she would call out, “Now give me 30 reps with just the left leg.” Then, “Switch! Now, 30 with the right leg!” I started to hate the number 30, and I left every class with my arms and legs shaking, already dreading the next class.

Next, I signed up for a six-week session of tennis lessons, but it became clear after only a few weeks that I was not to meant to be a tennis player, at least not in this life. As I stood back watching a six-year old outdo me, I decided tennis was for the more athletic.

Then I found a schedule online for the Yoga Center, and I imagined myself sitting on a yoga mat, my eyes closed and my hands pressed together at my heart, silently meditating. Maybe as a practiced yogi, I would find peace.

A few days later, the sense of loss that had I had felt for weeks was overwhelming, and I could not stay in my apartment another minute; I needed a place to go. Remembering the yoga schedule I had seen, I found a class called ‘Core’ that morning. Perfect, I needed a stronger core. The Pilates drill sergeant was always saying focus on your core; this class was just what my core needed.

One Response to “Part I: What is Yoga?”
  1. jamiann says:

    Yoga is such a wonderful place to go when life is out of balance. Finding your physical balance and brining your focus inward is a way to bring some peace at a time when it seems there is none. I am glad you found your way to this practice and have chosen to share your story with others.

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