Starting Out

This is a list of few things I would have liked to know when I first started yoga so I thought I’d share.

  • Take a few beginner classes – Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Basics, look for classes for beginners. These classes are great because they cover the basics of yoga and they give you a chance to ease into it.Many studios also offer specials for new students or have Introductory packages to help get you started.
  • Child’s Pose is your friend – At any time, during a class, if you feel tired, out of it, unfocused, take Child’s Pose.  A resting pose, Child’s pose gives you time to rest, regroup, and refocus.
  • Modifications are your friend – There is a modification for every pose. If a pose is too challenging, you physically can’t do it (everyone has their own tight areas whether it’s hamstrings, shoulders or hips), or it’s been a long day and you just don’t feel like doing the pose, ask for a modification. Many teachers suggest modifications for various poses throughout the practice.
  • Know the class before you go – Many class schedules/descriptions provide the temperature of the room and the length of the class. Classes times vary although 60 mins, 75 mins and 90 mins are common and depending on the studio, temperatures can range from 75 degrees F to 105 degrees F.  If you don’t see either,  ask about the temperature/length of the class before taking the class.
  • Hot yoga and Bikram yoga (sometimes Core Power and Power Yoga) signal warm rooms – Yes, you will sweat – bring a towel or two. Hot yoga and Bikram yoga  classes are 90 min classes and hot is an accurate description –  the room is heated to 105 degrees F. Get some background on Bikram yoga before trying a class:

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