Finding Yoga Classes

Before I moved, I practiced yoga 3 days a week at the yoga studio inside my gym. I love the classes; I loved the teachers. After I moved, I halfheartedly looked for yoga studios nearby, but the only studio I found was about 15 miles away so I stopped looking.

I put yoga off, and every day found a new excuse to avoid going – traffic would be bad if I went straight from work; the only class that was at a time I could fit into my schedule was one I didn’t want to try; I wasn’t familiar with the teachers; 15 miles was too far to drive after work. I always found an excuse and didn’t go for six months.

But all excuses aside, there were yoga studios nearby (a brand new studio ended up opening less than a mile from where I lived), and I ended up finding new favorite teachers and classes.

Not knowing where to find yoga classes can make it hard to start (or continue) going to yoga . There are several places to look when searching for classes/studios in your area:

  • Google. Never underestimate the power of Google. Google ‘Yoga’ and name of your city and state to pull up nearby yoga classes/studios.
  • Use a website designed to search specifically for yoga classes such as, where you can search by city name and state or zip code.
  • Check the class schedules of nearby gyms and YMCAs. Many offer a variety of classes, including yoga, and often have a variety of yoga classes from basic to more advanced classes.
  • Ask friends, coworkers, neighbors if they know of any good yoga classes or studios they have heard about or might  have tried.

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